For better or worse.

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a few months ago my dad surrendered my 15 year old cat to the humane society. I just got a call today saying that if nobody adopts Charlie within 24 hours he’s going to be killed. He’s currently in Keene NH im willing to pay whatever gas money if you’re in the area I…

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I think death summed up the very essence of who Sam Winchester is in season 9 when he said ‘well played my boy’ even death himself is honored at Sam’s presence because Sam Winchester is a magnificent, righteous, selfless and loyal soul who should be…

So also Tessa was a hallucination of Dean in 2x01?
Was her? He let his mind made up the image of a hot chick because, hey! It’s Dean freakin’ Winchester and if he’s going to be reaped, then  he’d have a hot chick do the task!

Do you know what?
You should just admit that you hate Sam Winchester because he works as cockblocker for your Destiel instead of throwing shits at him in such a pathetic way!


gifbattlegadree vs. twinkjared
round 2: my otp: Wincest.

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- I’m giving you a chance, Sam. You should take it.
- I’m gonna have to pass.

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Wincest shippers after 10x02

Wincest shippers after 10x02