"You should have seen what happened to the other one"

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"I thought I’d lost you again."

"Thanks God you’re awake."
"You like like shit, how long did you stay awake?"
"All the time that was needed. Now listen to me Sherlock: don’t ever, EVER scare me like that anymore."
"John, I…"
"No, nothing. You should go home now."
"To Mary? To the woman who shot you? Yes, don’t make that face: there was a camera in Magnussen’s office and he showed it to me."
"She probably had some good reasons for doing what she did."
"No Sherlock. You were unarmed, you weren’t a threat to her, but she shot you cold blood with a satisfied smug on her face and she didn’t either call an ambulance, I saw her. So don’t try to justify her, waht she’s done is unforgivable."
"I’m sorry."
"Sorry? Sorry for what, Sherlock? Jeez, you didn’t do anything wrong."
"I deduced she was a liar, but I didn’t think she was a killer. Besides, the two of you seemed so happy. I wanted you to be happy, John, so I didn’t tell you anything. And, for that, you suffered again. Because of me."
"And guess what? You were wrong twice."
"How’s that?"
"Now Mary is in prison, out of my life, and I don’t feel anything about that, I’m not sorry for her, I’m not sorry to have lost her. But the thought of losing you… no… this’s unbearble to me. I was losing my mind when you were in the o.r.. Surgeons said your heart stopped, they gave up and I felt like I was dying. So you were wrong about what Mary really is and you were wrong thinking she could make me happy."
"And what makes you happy, John?"
"You, just you."
"Are you sure? You got throught a lot in the last 24 hours and maybe…"
"No, I’m not confused. My mind has never been so clear: you make me happy, Sherlock Holmes, and I love you."
"John, I’ve a confession to do: when I flatlined, it was your name, the thought of you that brought me back to life."
"It’s your way to say that you love me too?"
"Maybe. Do you want it to be?"
"Yeah. Just next time, choose a less dramatic way to say it, okay?"
"Now sleep, love, you need to rest."
"I don’t wanna sleep."
"Hush. Give me you hand and rest. When you’ll wake up, I’ll be right here. I’ll not look away from you never again, I promise."
"Me too, John."

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I never noticed this before, but thanks to CookiesWillCrumble for drawing attention to it!

Now what exactly is Magnussen doing on his phone? I doubt he’s checking his mail at such a crucial moment… Is it possible that he anticipated Mary would shoot Sherlock and sent out a secret message for help (since he didn’t actually pick it up to talk)?

Lastly - notice his expression when he sees Mary actually really shooting him. Now I’m not trying to defend him in any way, because he is our villain and has done enough other bad stuff…. but that expression though! Am I the only one who reads sympathy in it?

This was a truly brilliant observation. Magnussen is reaching for his phone. And Mary isn’t even paying him any attention at that moment. I like this speculation that Magnussen sent for help. He could have easily had it coded so that just a key press or something equally simple gesture would send out an alarm causing a chain of events, which could include calling the ambulance. I like this very much! (It could be that he was turning on voice recorder or something to “get the evidence”, but Mary would have realized that after incapacitating both and destroyed the phone. Ok I will stop.)

Although, I don’t read Magnussen’s expression as sympathy. It seems to be just fear. I mean if she could shoot her own friend who was also her husband’s best friend, he feared that she wouldn’t hesitate to kill him as well. That’s how it looks to me.

Yes! I didn’t have time to add a note when I first reblogged it, but I wanted to point out that this totally makes me lean toward Sherlock outright lying when he says Mary was trying to save him. CAM called the ambulance, not Mary, and Sherlock would have seen him reaching for his phone as he was shot. Sherlock wouldn’t miss a detail like that, and the writers/director wouldn’t have put it in for no reason. Right? I hope?

Why was Sherlock lying? Just to make John happy? As part of a long con against Mary? Hmmmmm…. (Also I agree that CAM is just freaked out at the bottom. He didn’t expect Mary to shoot Sherlock any more than Sherlock did.)

Oh right, Mary didn’t see but Sherlock did that Magnussen was reaching for the phone! I never could believe that he knew Mary called the ambulance. Because in the 221B confrontation, he says to John, “You didn’t find me for another five minutes.” Dear lord, how the hell would he even know that! His mind-palace!Molly tells him that he has 3 seconds of consciousness left. Are we to understand that he was conscious for five minutes after receiving a gunshot wound that would later kill him? Of course, I don’t know how gunshot wounds work (even after researching a bit about it), so maybe it’s possible to retain consciousness. In that case, why say “3 seconds of consciousness left”? Also, when John finds him, his eyes are closed. So I think he was unconscious quickly. In which case, I just don’t trust him saying that Mary called the ambulance or that John found him 5 minutes after the shooting.

Of course. We keep hoping all these are clues. We did that with Reichenbach. And eventually really few of them were resolved. So it could be that we are supposed to just suspend our disbelief and accept that yes, Sherlock saw what happened after he was shot, or that he was conscious. Which mean, speculating about why Sherlock lied makes sense only if we stick to our readings. If not… well.

Further speculation about HLV which illustrates how Mary Morstan is the Reichenbach puzzle of series 3.

i was reading a meta recently and the person pointed out that while CAM harasses people he never kills anyone.  what good are people to him dead?  so it fits that he would try to save Sherlock.  he needs Sherlock to get to Mycroft.

Cam is also figuring out more info on Mary and is realizing just how far Sherlock would go for John.  Then when John comes in the way he looks at him makes me think that CAM is reevaluating John’s pressure point and adding Sherlock to the top of the list.

For CAM every moment is a chance to get information and if the person he’s blackmailing dies or kills them self his fun is over.  so he’s still evil just a different slimy kind.

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For academic reasons, I had to write a small dissertation in English.
I am not a native English speaker and I was wondering if there would be anyone out there willing to proofread it.
would be marvelous! I am so freaking nervous!

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a sequel to ‘Pain is Johnlock’ 



Time Out London
Johnlock beats the Royal Couple? I guess London herself ships her beloved detective and blogger


Time Out London

Johnlock beats the Royal Couple? I guess London herself ships her beloved detective and blogger

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benemeanslove asked: I'm not trying to be insulting to anyone, but am I the only one confused by all the fanfic that sexualizes John and Sherlock's relationship? It's not that I have any issue with two people of the same sex together, but truthfully, I think it detracts from the relationship they actually have. Why the need to take a strong friendship love between two men, or bromance as it were, that is so hard won given Sherlock's difficulty with emotion, and make it something sexual? Honestly curious.




I’m not touching that with a bargepole but perhaps people would like to (politely please) explain in the comments?

Aw, don’t be confused, benemeanslove. I’ll break it down for you very simply, as a 20-year long Sherlock Holmes fan who never shipped Holmes/Watson but ships the hell out of John/Sherlock:

Because I read the subtext, and in some cases the text, differently than you do.

I find their relationship close, interdependant, codependant and shockingly intimate, from the very first night they met.

I find their chemistry like lighting from a summer storm.

I find they linger in my mind as two halves of a whole, each following the other in overlapping arcs like the Moon around the Earth and they go around the sun, always together.

I can feel every single glance between them down to my bones.

And I want to write it all, as feverishly as possible, with the knowledge that I’m not the only one who sees these things, feels these things, and wants to talk about it. So I do it in the only real way I can - by telling it in a story that, hopefully, strikes lightning and melts your bones, too.


Beautifully said, Mazarin!

I had chills. Really. Thank you, Mazarin <3


You don’t tell John


You don’t tell John


Now I’ll be putting all criticisms under a read more because I know there are a lot of people who like and admire her, and to a certain extent I still do. There are some things about her that I like, however I have to say that with her recent goings on I feel genuinely…